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Bath Wine! A Bathtime Halloween Wine Review

It's the most wonderful time of the year...Halloween! And i've been seeing a million pumpkin beer reviews, but no spooky wine reviews. What gives?

So I've tested 4 easy to find, affordable, spooky season vintages for any taste bloods... I mean tastebuds! So, get out your bath bombs and sink your teeth into the following reviews!



Casillero del Diablo

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

Chile 2018

I would sell my soul for a good Cab.. Luckily I found this one for under $15. Dry and tannic, with notes of cherry, chocolate and dark berries play on the tongue with a peppery oak finish. This wine was a great find! In fact one could say I lived deliciously while drinking it.


Obsidan Bath Bomb - by ArizonaBlueCo on Etsy


Game of Thrones Red Blend California 2018

I know Game of Thrones isn't exactly Halloween...but this is my blog damnit! We all have dressed up or imagined a GOT character costume at one point or another. This bottle was a label based purchase obviously, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wine itself. Very rich and dry with a twist of smoke and black currant. This wine was meant for cool nights by the fire or yule log on Youtube. Winter is Coming!


My 'I'm running out of bubbles' face 😲




Michael David Winery


California 2019

Sitting in a black bubble bath dressed as the bride of Frankenstein made me feel a little freaky... And so did this wine! Especially with an alcohol content of 14.5%! She's a hearty Chard with strong strokes of lemon, green apple and oak. A good medium wine worth the $14.00!


Skull Bath Bomb - by naturalpurehonest on Etsy


Orange Halloween Cat Moselland


Germany 2019

It was a purrrfect moment when I found this lil' bottle! This particular riesling comes bottled in many cat colors, but sadly the orange halloween edition didn't offer anything extraordinary about the taste of the wine. It is oddly complex and off-sweet. It totes subtle flavors of minerals and citrus. The bottle alone, not the taste so much, was worth the $15...Meow!


That's all for today my darlings! Email me ( with any other spooky wines for me to try!


Jenny from the Grave


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