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Halloween is NOT canceled! 


Hello Midniters!

A lot can be said regarding this Halloween season but one thing remains true, it wasn’t canceled! While Hallo’Boogie began with modest expectations, wanting merely to keep the Halloweenie spirit alive as well as stay connected with good friends, it soon picked up steam and became known to folks all across the country! From trivia nights with people living in Florida and Michigan, to contest entries from California and Texas, the reach was equally as surprising as it was heartwarming. Most rewarding, however, was the overwhelming reception we received from all of you! Your excitement, positivity and kind words didn’t just make our monumental jobs more fulfilling, it also kept our spirits lit throughout this wonderful month! So, from the bottom of our jack-o-lantern  hearts, thank you!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our creators and prize pack donators Frightfully Clean, Wicked Wall Masks, Silver Bullet Studios Ink, ArtMuffin, I Think I Created a Monstah and LIX. Your generosity and work are magnificent! Thank you for believing in this project and your enduring support. Anyone reading this should absolutely check out these shops as well as keep them in mind for the upcoming holidays!

Further thanks goes to our visual artist collaborators Zack Giallongo, Kaija “K-Tron” Gallucci, and Stacey Rizoli! Each of your contributions gave Hallo’Boogie its identity and face. Thank you for granting us the privilege of using your art, you are all amazing!

Additional thanks to Michael Welch, the New Bedford Starchasers and Kooksville Co-Op! The time and energy you all put into Hallo’Boogie, its events, merch and research allowed it to expand into the great event it became. Your help was vital to our success and we cannot thank you enough!

Even more thanks to all our performers who appeared during our Halloween burlesque show: Funny Bones, Dahlia Strack, Shara Attack, Artemisia Vulgaris, Marzipan, Bee & the Boss from Love Pole Fitness, Ingride Denise and Kelley Anne Marie! All your performances were amazing and we’re honored to host your work!

Last, but not least, a personal thank you to Jenny Masterson. Midnite Romero Society co-director, producer, graphic designer, burlesque show runner (and performer), my wife-to-be and my foundation. I would’ve crumbled within the first week without your unweaning support and love. Hallo’Boogie wouldn’t exist without you and thank you for always being there, excited to go on such strange and beautiful adventures with me. October 18th was our six year anniversary and, out of all the happenings during Hallo’Boogie, that will always be my favorite. I’m lucky to have you in my life and I love you!

For anyone who missed an event (we don’t blame you, there were a lot of them), fear not! Most of them can be found on our Youtube page!

The Halloween burlesque show can now be viewed through our website, we just ask that those watching tip our performers while you watch!

Limited quantities of our Hallo Boogie merch still remain on our shop page, snatch it up all you can!

We also have more Halloweenie merch on our TeeSpring!  Use code: WEEN4LIFE at checkout to receive 10% off!

Thank you for spending the season with us! Long live Halloween!

With Love,
Midnite Dave

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