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Halloween is NOT canceled! 


The Midnite Romero Society is thrilled to officially announce HALLO’BOOGIE! This virtual, month-long Halloween celebration will have free, weekly online events and happenings that include story readings, baking and cocktail recipes, dance nights, Halloween collection tours as well as special events such as trivia, a burlesque show and contests of the drawing, costume and pumpkin carving varieties! 

All weekly events will take place on our Youtube channel during their advertised date/time and will be available for repeated enjoyment immediately after! Please keep in mind that events taking place later in the month may not have a link right away. Our small team is hard at work assembling quality content and will get those links ready ASAP! Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates as well as subscribe to our newsletter!  

In addition to these free events, we’ll be highlighting various independent artists and shops that are inspired by all-things creepy! Dubbed “Creator Tuesdays,” each week we’ll curate fantastic creators who have large selections of goodies that would make your Halloween season even better! What’s more, these folks have donated a few of their own items for our giveaways and contest prize packages. So, a lucky few of you will have a chance to expand your own Halloween collections by being creative yourself! Scroll down to find more information about our contests and prize packages!

Scroll below to see our current lineup of events as well as our limited edition Hallo’Boogie tee shirts! 

We look forward to celebrating the season with you!

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Articles & Past Events

Upcoming Events

Hallo'Boogie: Creator Tuesdays
Hallo'Boogie: Halloween Cribs w/ Jason & Raiden Aguiar
Party in a Box!
Hallo'Boogie: Creepy Dance Nights
Hallo'Boogie: Scary Stories to Tell on Sundays
A Skin to Dance In: An Evening of Eerie Burlesque & Other Enchantments
Hallo'Boogie: Creator Tuesdays
Hallo'Boogie: Halloween Cribs w/ Michael Welch
Hallo'Boogie: Halloween Trivia
Hallo'Boogie: Creepy Dance Nights
Hallo'Boogie: Midnite Dave's Mixtape Massacre

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