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Hallo'Boogie 2021: Wave Two!

Hello Midniters, We close out this year's celebration with some more digital treats as well as physical ones!

On the digital side, we have the addition of two more amazing masks brought to us by Zack Giallongo, figuring M.R.S. stalwarts the STORYTELLER & K-TRON! What's more, Zack has also created a Hallo'Boogie postcard that's ready to journey into the mailboxes of any Halloweenie!

More exciting still is that, for the first time and by popular demand, we're offering prints of every Hallo'Boogie mask as well as the post card! Available in various sizes, each is printed on archival, museum quality paper using the Giclée process. Guaranteeing wall art that's last for many Halloweens to come!

We asked our columnists to recommend their top five favorite movies and TV specials to watch during October! The article was available earlier this month to our Patreon subscribers but is now available to the public.

That's a wrap for now, thanks to everyone who celebrated with us so far! Don't forget to share your celebrations with us by using the hashtag #HalloBoogie!

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