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Creator Tuesdays: Wicked Wall Masks

From Our Personal Collection!

In the unassuming town of Willimantic, Connecticut lies the gem known as Wicked Wall Masks. It is here that sculptor Stephen Scholan creates some of the most macabre, eerie and freaking coolest, hand-crafted clocks, magnets and masks imaginable! Whether it’s shrunken heads, demons, clowns, bizarre kitties or characters from Alice In Wonderland, Scholan's art covers a wide spectrum. My partner, Jenny, and I were lucky enough to discover Wicked Wall Masks at the Rock & Shock horror convention in Worcester, MA where we immediately fell in love... with each other as well as with these masks! The colorful pieces popped from their display and we spent nearly an hour debating which ones to buy (we went with the two shown above). Best of all, however, is that Stephen is really nice guy! He is very personable, passionate and takes great pride in what he does. He's open to custom orders and is always coming up with fantastic designs. We're thrilled to say that our walls are decorated with his work and hope the same will be said for you!

Find more Wicked Wall Masks at Stephen's Etsy Shop! Follow him on Instagram to see latest creations!

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