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Creator Tuesdays: Frightfully Clean

Frightfully Clean is a true family business, in that their whole family is involved with making the best themed soap ever created! Inspired by their son's need for detergent free soap, they introduced their own line of handmade, horror themed soaps in 2013 after years of developing and testing the highest quality ingredients and formulas. Frightfully Clean soaps are unique, customized formulas, hand mixed in their own lab! Taking the idea of themed soaps to the next level, Frightfully Clean formulas give you the full experience of your favorite horror and pop culture icons. From Hellraiser to Stephen King's It and, of course, Black Phillip, these soaps look as great as they smell! Best of all, they use all natural colorants and don't add any unnecessary chemicals. So, get ready to get Frightfully Clean!

Check out their shop to discover your new favorite soap!

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