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Creator Tuesday: Zack Giallongo

If you've even glanced at any Hallo'Boogie event, advertisement or illustrated calendar, you've been graced by the incredible skill and presence of Zack Giallongo (jee-ah-LON-go)! Zack is a professional cartoonist, cheese enthusiast, and amateur banjo-ist. His first solo graphic novel, Broxo, is about teenage barbarians, was published in 2012 and hit #4 on the New York Times Bestsellers list. What's more, Zack has done work for DC Comics, Lerner, Topps, Dark Horse Comics, First Second Books and his glorious art has appeared in such comic franchises as Star Wars and Adventure Time! Needless to say, we are pretty psyched to have Zack on board for Hallo'Boogie! His work has given our events a distinct visual personality and, even better, made them all cooler! If you can help support Zack's by contributing to his Patreon! In addition to supporting his fantastic art, this month you'll receive a Hallo'Boogie sticker sheet! For Zack's portfolio, contact info and more in-depth bio, visit his website:

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