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Creator Tuesday: New Bedford Starchasers

It is said that late at night in downtown New Bedford, one can see neon lights and hear disco music. That, in an instance, one will start to bust a funk like no body's business. Whomever said that was absolutely correct! The New Bedford Starchasers are a multicultural, trans-dimensional, and inter-universal collective of sci-fi nerds, cyclists, and makers. We fly for freedom, equity, and freedom for all lifeforms. Our continuing mission: to strive to be the superhero-version of ourselves; offer aid to those in need; and unite all people in the ever-loving embrace of the Chromasonic Groove.

Founded in Earth-year 2012 as the 4th Division of SCUL, an anti-elite band of highly trained starpilots, building and testing the limits of experimental and augmented space ships on late Saturnight missions, the Starchasers have become the New Bedford’s premier bicycle chopper gang.

Since then, we have hosted dozens of classified and unclassified missions (bike rides), workshops, public events, as well as a monthly series of guided tours exploring southeastern MA and myriad other worlds within the multiverse. Their next event is happening this Saturday, October 17th! Entitled, OPERATION HALLOWHEELS: RING THE BELLS (A NEW DEADFORD STORY), it is the latest installment of their annual Halloween costume ride. This year, riders will be transported to the world of NEW DEADFORD, a zombie-strewn post-apocalyptic landscape, in which NB stands as a shining beacon of hope for humanity. It’s up to the Starchasers to stop the hoard from breaching the barrier and move them away from the “Safe Zone” before it’s too late! This event is part of Hallo'Boogie and the Midnite Romero Society will be screening a secret movie at Play Arcade following the mission! For location and other event details, visit our event page!

Don't forget to follow the Starchasers on Facebook and Instagram for updates on future events! Their annual November mission, Cranksgiving, seeks to gather food donations for those in need.

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